FTA Courses & Licenses


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FTA Boat Driving License

Marine Concept is approved by the Federal Transport Authority of U.A.E. to conduct training and examination for the FTA Boat Driving License. 

Marine Concept has been approved to conduct the FTA Boat Driving License courses up to 12 and 24 meter. Please click the links below for more information regarding the training courses and certification. 

There are different levels and categories of the FTA Boat Driving License.



FTA Small Boat Driving License 12 meter
FTA Boat Driving License 24 meter 





Refresher course

For holders of certificates issued in foreign countries or by local non-approved training institutes a theory refresher course and FTA exam may be accepted. Please contact FTA in order to check if you are eligible for the Refresher course. Currently such refresher course is only offered for the level up to 12 meter.

On case to case basis FTA requires evaluation. We are glad to assist and advise you if you are holder of any certificate issued by a foreign country or not approved training institute.