National and International Boat Driving Licenses 

When you join our sea school courses, you have the chance to obtain international and national qualifications and certifications. 

You will be eligible to receive licenses issued by the below listed governmental authorities and international association:

International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT)

Dubai Maritime Authority (previous DMCA)

Federal Maritime Authority of U.A.E. (FMA)


Your advantage

Offering yacht training courses approved by different authorities and associations gives you the possibility to obtain the local and federal U.A.E. boat driving licenses. You can apply for the FMA Small Boat Driving License and the Dubai Marine Driving License without any hassle (*).

* The Dubai Maritime Authority invites applicants on a case to case base to theory or / and practical evaluations (at charge).

Our accreditations are also a quality assurance that we comply with different training standards. 

If you move to another country or if you want to rent a yacht abroad, you will notice that our IYT certificates are internationally widely accepted.