IYT Dhow Cruise Master Inland

IYT Dhow Cruise Master Inland

  • You can book the IYT Dhow Cruise Master Inland course if you have minimum 1 year experience as a Dhow captain.
  • The IYT Dhow Cruise Master Inland course is recognised by the Dubai Maritime Authority for the issuance of the Dubai Marine Driving license for Dhows in Dubai inland waterways
  • The course is taught in Hindi.
  • Marine Concept is the sole training institute in Dubai accredited by Dubai Maritime Authority (DMA) to conduct this course.

To receive your IYT Dhow Cruise Master Inland qualification, you will need to complete:

1. A two days (12 hours) intensive theory course, covering elements of safety, rules of the road at sea, signs and signals for inland waters, meteorology, buoys, knots, crowd and crisis management, intro to VHF radio and more. The second day finishes with a theory exam.

2. A one day (6 hours) practical course and exam. This is conducted on your company dhow. Learning and assessment of essential techniques such as vessel check-out, docking, rope work, manoeuvring in confined areas, MOB, communication with the crew, action in emergencies and more.

One year previous experience as captain of a Dhow (proof required) or employed as a captain of a Dhow.

Valid STCW BST certificate

IYT Marine Communications VHF SRC