The course gives and amazing knowledge about SPB, I recommend this course to all beginners. I am super happy. I will come back again for future courses.

Tejas C. - FTA SBDL 12 | IYT SPB

Great instructions in both theory and practical. Very professional and fun. Good mix. Did not feel like I was taking a course at all. It appeared like I was with long times friends.

Bradley B. - FTA SBDL 12 | IYT SPB

I found the course extremely informative and the instructors were fantastic in delivering the content

Aaron E. - FTA SBDL 12m | IYT SPB

Thank you so much for having me. I learned so much about safety. Rajeev and Jacob are the most kind teachers and know to explain.

Tamara S. - FTA SBDL 12m | IYT SPB

Dipin was wonderful, very knowledgable!!

Dina A. - FTA SBDL 12m | IYT SPB

Captain Jacob is so knowledgable, patient and thoughtful. Excellent instructor. Thank you

Penny T. - FTA SBDL 12m | IYT SPB

Captain Rajeev and all staff very helpful and pleasant, extremely helpful, imparted a lot of knowledge. Highly recommended.

Khalid H - IYT VHF SRC

Rajeev is an excellent experienced instructor with amazing skills to teach. It’s exactly what i needed as a beginner as he helped me get confidence. Thank you Rajeev!!!

Ljupcho J. - FTA BDL 24 | IYT BBS

Well done to all instructors, all were very helpful and caring from start to end. Thank you once again for making this a memorable experience.

Philip S. - STCW BST

In the practial part I enjoy it and feel like doing it again and again. Theory was great especially being with instructors I enjoyed their services.

George A. O. - STCW BST

The institute is excellent and I think I will do all my courses here. Thanks so much for everything especially to our experienced and qualified instructors.

Cheng G. S. - FTA BDL 24 | IYT BBS

Thank you very much Marine Concept and all my instructors. Very excellent and fantastic experience again.

Jessie M. - STCW BST

I spent a very good weekend, good learning and fun. Staff were polite and always willing to help and teach.

Sergio E. - FTA SBDL 12m | IYT SPB

Educational and enjoyable. A must for anyone thinking about going out on the sea. 

Paul James T - FTA SBDL 12 m | IYT SPB

Jacob is very professional, knowledgeable and warm hearted. I definitely will take future courses and highly recommend this institute to anyone. You won't regret it.

Kenneth N. - FTA SBDL 12m course

The information and experience was great. Instructor was fun to learn and very informative, patient and helpful. I would definitely recommend to friends and others.

Maurice H. - FTA BDL 24 | IYT BBS