STCW Refresher Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting

STCW Refresher Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting

Usually this is a one day STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FP&FF) Refresher / Updating training course module, which is instructed in compliance to STCW Code A - VI/1-2.

Seafarers who hold an existing STCW Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FP&FF) certificate are required every five years to complete this updating training course to provide evidence having maintained proficiency under the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments (STCW Section A-VI/1 | table A-VI/1-2).

Important Message:

Due to local regulations by the Federal Maritime Authority of U.A.E. the STCW FP&FF Refresher training consists of the full two days STCW FP&FF module. Candidates will receive the STCW BST FP&FF Certificate of Proficiency for the full module instead of a STCW BST FP&FF Refresher COP.

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Course Content

This course consists of 1 day theory training in our classroom covering subjects as:

  • Shipboard fire fighting organization
  • Elements of fire and explosion
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Types and sources of ignition
  • Actions to be taken on a ship
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Classification of Fire

The second course day trainees will fight and extinguish actual fires using personal equipment, practical instruction taught by licensed and certified fire fighting professionals.

Our learning objectives during the practical day:

  • Use various types of fire extinguishers
  • Use SCBA
  • Extinguish smaller and extensive fires
  • Fight Fire in smoke-filled enclosed space wearing SCBA
  • Extinguish fire in a room with fire and heavy smoke
  • Extinguish oil fire
  • Rescue a dummy in a smoke-filled space wearing SCBA

It takes two days to complete and the theory part is followed by an exam.

The transfer from our office location to the practical fire-fighting training facility is organized by us and included in our fees.

Entry Requirements

  • All Candidates must be in good physical condition and capable of moderate exertion during the firefighting simulation exercises.
  • Seafarers who have six months or more sea service prior to 1 August 1998 and were exempt from basic safety courses;
  • Seafarers who have a verified Certificate of Proficiency in STCW Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting issued under the authority of other IMO administrations will be acceptable
  • Seafarers who have any expired STCW BST FP&FF COP, even if not issued by an IMO member or if not verifiable.
  • Candidates must be capable of rigorous exercise during the practical sessions of fire-fighting, including exposure to very high temperatures and darkened enclosed spaces.
  • Candidates must bring long-sleeved shirt and long pants to the training for wearing under fire-fighting equipment.
  • Medical and health declaration required.
  • Please contact us for the current COVID-19 precautionary measures.

STCW FP&FF Course Dates

Bookings for single or two modules are always on waiting list base.

4 or 5 module bookings have preference.