FMA Small Boat Driving License 12 meter

FMA SBDL 12 meter

Marine Concept is an approved training institute to conduct the FMA Small Boat Driving License course up to 12 meter.

The prior name of the license FTA Small Boat Driving License 12 m or FTA SBDL 12m might be more familiar. The name of the Federal Transport Authority (FTA) has been changed to Federal Maritime Authority (FMA) in 2021


Application Process

Once the applicant attended the course and passed the examination successfully, we issue a FMA SBDL 12 Meter Course Completion Certificate (CCC). To obtain the original FMA boat driving license valid in United Arab Emirates territorial waters Marine Concept will apply online on behalf of the applicants.

We will upload the FMA SBDL 12 Meter CCC with supporting documents in the online system of FMA and the original credit card style boat driving license will be issued by the authority.

There are 3 options of validity:

  • 1 year validity
  • 2 years validity
  • 5 years validity

Candidates can apply for Pleasure or Commercial use for a length of 12 meter.

More information about the governmental charges and required documents are available upon request.


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FMA Small Boat Driving License 12 meter