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STCW 2010 Personal Survival Techniques

About this course

One and a half day STCW Personal Survival Techniques (PST) course module, also known as Basic Sea Survival, which is instructed in compliance to STCW Code A - VI/1-1.

This course consists of a 4 - 5 hours course in the classroom covering subjects such as emergency situations, evacuation, survival craft and rescue boats, personal lifesaving appliances, survival at sea, emergency radio equipment and helicopter assistance. The theory part is followed by a written exam.

The remainder of the course is spent at sea on board of our Sunseeker Manhattan 50 PEARL performing the simulation of abandon ship procedures and takes approx. another 6 hours. The practical exercises are subject to ongoing assessment by the instructor.

Note: Candidates must be capable of rigorous exercise during the practical sessions in the water. Candidates must bring bathing suit or shorts & T-Shirts to the training, as well as a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to be used in the water. The practical sea survival training will be conducted from board our Sunseeker Manhattan 50 nearby a beach. Non Swimmers may participate but must complete all the practical exercises wearing a Lifejacket.

This course module can be booked as a stand-alone course and as STCW Refresher training for STCW BST holders without the possibility to complete relevant on board training and completed Self-Declaration form .

Content of the course

Introduction & Safety

Understand purpose of course and overview of material to be covered, administrative information, and general safety guidelines, including rules for pool and classroom building emergency exit

Types of Shipboard Emergencies

List emergencies that could lead to requirement to abandon ship

Principles of Survival at Sea

Understand the importance of preparedness in dealing with shipboard emergencies

Survival Craft & Equipment

List & explain use of SOLAS required survival craft & equipment available on board commercial vessels

Abandoning Ship

Explain procedure for safely departing vessel during emergency

Means of Survival

Explain procedures and use of survival equipment in order to increase chances of survival

Practical Applications

Demonstrate proper use of liferafts and personal survival equipment

Increasing Chance of Survival

Explain proper use of visual distress signals, communications & position indicating equipment, and procedures for shipboard & helicopter recovery

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