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STCW 2010 Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

About this course

This is a one day course which is instructed to STCW 2010 Code A - VI/1-4 as revised by the 2010 Manila Amendment. The course covers working relationships on board, health and hygiene, drugs and alcohol, shipboard management structure and responsibilities, emergencies and safe working practices, with enhanced coverage of communications, control of fatigue, teamwork and marine environmental awareness issues.

The course is followed by a written exam.

Content of the course

Accidents and Emergencies and Compliance with Emergency Procedures

Understand the importance of standard emergency procedures in response to emergencies and accidents, and the value of participating in training/drills enthusiastically.

Safe Working Practices

List standard shipboard safe working practices and understand their importance.

Effective Shipboard Communications

Describe the importance of understanding orders & communicating effectively with shipmates, and understand the need for proper terminology, effective communications skills and its importance to safety and morale.

Importance of teamwork Team Building and Effective Human Relations

Describe the importance of the team effect onboard; the adverse effect poor human relations can have on shipboard safety and efficiency. Describe the regulations and dangers of the use of drugs and alcohol on board

Fatigue, causes and effects, controls and rest required

Describe the importance of understanding the causes and effects of fatigue and the regulations required for proper rest for all members on board

Marine Pollution, Awareness Issues, controls and prevention

Understand the effects and impacts of marine pollution, the regulations that cover pollution, MARPOL etc., and basic procedures to prevent pollution.

Final review Exam / Evaluation

Review material
Pass the final exam

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