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DMCA Marine Craft Driving License has been implemented

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has started implementing Resolution No. 2 of 2013 for Marine Craft Driving License as part of the efforts to regulate local maritime sector. The application of the new resolution requires licensing for crew on personal, business, sports, tourism and recreational marine craft, including small and large-sized leisure craft, commercial marine vessels and traditional wooden dhows.

According to the resolution, it is prohibited to use any marine craft within Dubai's territorial waters unless he/she holds a certified license from Dubai Maritime City Authority. All applicants must be medically fit and have the theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise to drive light marine vessels, abras and leisure crafts. Crew members on commercial and traditional wooden dhows must be completely familiar with the marine radar and communication systems and navigation maps, in addition to being able to use the various equipments for safety, first-aid, public safety, fire fighting and water pollution.

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Who requires the DMCA Marine Driver's License?

  • Any person using a private or commercial marine craft within Dubai's territorial waters needs to hold a certified license from Dubai Maritime City Authority. 
  • Boatowners or crew of vessels registered in other Emirates will require a Dubai license if they anchor, if they are fishing or do any other watersports activity. If these vessels are only cruising in Dubai waters, no license is required, but highly recommended.
  • More detailed information coming soon, like the final deadlines etc. We are constantly in contact with the DMCA Licensing Department

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How do I obtain the DMCA Marine Driver's License?

  • You attend an exam in the Dubai Maritime City Authority. If you pass the test, the Dubai Marine Driver License up to 12 Meters will be issued.
  • You need to be medical fit. The approved Medical Center is the Initiates file downloadInternational Modern Hospital.
  • If you are a holder of an IYT certificate, the marine driver's license from DMCA will be issued without any further test. The medical will be required as well.
  • If you are no holder of an IYT certificate, contact our office in order to book the most suitable course depending on the kind and size of vessel you are driving.
  • Holders of any other certificate are required to contact the DMCA licensing department.

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